15 Ucapan untuk Ulang Tahun Anak Special dalam Bahasa Inggris

20 Ucapan Ulang Tahun untuk Anak yang Menyentuh Hati

Saat perayaan ulang tahun untuk sikecil sebagai orang tua Anda ini bisa memberikan ucapan selamat kepadanya. Ucapan selamat ini bisa diberikan beserta hadiah atau bisa untuk ucapannya saja. supaya beda dengan yang lain Anda bisa memberikan ucapan ulang tahun untuk anak dalam bahasa inggris, ini dia beberapa contohnya:

  1. “I am grateful every day that you came into our world, son. Your smiles and laughs are so warm for us. You just bring the biggest happiness into my life! Happy birthday, my lovely son.”
  2. “Son, thank you so much for giving me the chance to feel so grateful. You will always be in my heart, always. I hope you will succeed in the future. Happy birthday!”
  3. “I hope this birthday is just the beginning of your wonderful life. Remember, you have to always dream high. I wish all the best for you. Happy birthday.”
  4. “You are just getting bigger now. I have so many sweet memories that I will never forget. I know you will succeed in the future. Just don’t forget me. All the best!”
  5. “Now I wish I could stop time so I can feel this moment. Not only to keep you with us forever, but so I can stop getting old! Wish you all the best, Son. Happy birthday!”
  6. “You are a type of joy that can’t be measured by anything. Since the first day you came to the world, I promise to keep you in my heart forever. Happy birthday.”
  7. “Son, you know this: Being a parent is never an easy task. But loving you is never difficult. I hope all the best for you. Happy birthday”
  8. “I may not always have a lot of free time in my life. But I will always make time for you. Don’t worry, I will always be by your side.”
  9. “I wish you the best luck in the future, and in all you choose to do in life. I know you will grow as strong and hard-working women in the future. Don’t worry, I will be by your side!”
  10. “Daughter as amazing as you is one-in-a-million. I feel so grateful day by day to see you growing. I love you so much and happy birthday!”
  11. “I know that at the end of my lifetime, I’m going to look back and think: You are the greatest thing I ever created! I hope all the best.”
  12. “Wherever you go, whatever you choose, I know it will be great with your touch. You are the greatest daughter in the world! I’m truly blessed to have such an amazing person in my life.”
  13. “I wish only the best for you in life. May your life problems throw your way, and always be my confident girl forever. I love you and happy birthday!”
  14. “Small, beautiful, and so much potential. It’s you, my little rose! Happy birthday!”
  15. “I wish you unlimited happiness in your life. Because every time you feel sad, it just breaks my heart. Happy birthday to my little girl.”